Competitive Squads

Gymnastics is a wonderfully fulfilling sport and is amongst the most comprehensive “lifestyle exercise programs” available to children. As well as your child developing strength, power, grace, balance and coordination, your child’s experience in our competitive program will undoubtedly assist in developing important life skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, dedication, discipline, time management, good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Unlike other seasonal sports Gymnastics runs all year round. Typically competitive gymnasts train anything from 4-24 hours per week. Any rise in hours after being selected will be dictated by your child’s current needs and future development and not all gymnasts in one of the WSG competitive programs will reach the maximum hours stated. 

WSG currently has competitive teams in Womens Artistic, TeamGym and Trampoline disciplines. Within the 2019/2020 season WSG can boast National and Regional medalists as well as well as gymnasts in the Pathway and Senior Great Britain Squads. 

Gymnastics at a competitive level requires careful planning from within the gym and the home. When your entire family commits to a competitive program your daughter will reap the rewards. We cannot guarantee every child will become a champion but every child will have greater confidence in their ability to achieve, be able to focus on the task in hand, have a greater ability to perform under pressure and a greater understanding of how hard work and discipline pay off.

Competitive Gymnastics is a physically and mentally demanding sport and to participate in sport at a competitive level incurs cost. Finding time for homework, family time and social activities is often difficult however it is our belief the rewards of being a part of a squad gymnastics program are so great that your child’s gymnastics experience will provide rewards and benefits that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Competitive Structure

Our gymnastics program is based on a systemic approach of skill development that provides the opportunity for each child to achieve their potential. Positions in competitive squads are selection only and your child will be selected based on her potential.

Squads and hours are regularly reviewed and restructured according to the individual gymnasts’ needs. Gymnasts are constantly re-assessed to ensure they are in the correct pathway for their ability. Retention of a place in one of the WSG competitive squads is based upon their work ethic, performance and potential.

As shown below movement between squads is possible but not guaranteed. If your daughter’s needs are best met within a different group/discipline you would be informed accordingly.

Mini Squads To ensure good fundamental basics so they can progress into Squad Group when appropriate. (Train 1-3 Sessions per week / Maximum total: 10 hours)

WAG 3 Squad To compete at South West County Grades, with the aim of competing at level 5 voluntary competitions. (Train 2 Sessions per week / Maximum total: 6 hours)

WAG 2 Squad To compete in South West Regional Grades, with the aim of competing at level 3 voluntary competitions. (Train 3-4 Sessions per week / Maximum total: 16 hours)

WAG 1 Squad To compete in National or Compulsory Grades, with the aim competing within FIG competitions. (Train 4-5 Sessions per week / Maximum total: 24 hours)

Team Gym 1/2 To compete within the Southern and National circuit, using British TeamGym Micro rules. In the hope to progress into full UEG TeamGym rules. (Train 2-3 Sessions a week / Maximum total: 9 hours)

Trampoline 1/2 To attend regional competitions with the aim of National grades qualification. (Train 2-3 Sessions a week / Maximum total: 9 hours)

To request a trial/assessment within our competitive teams please email Gill on the email address below

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