FunGym & Club Badge Testing Update – December 2020:

Following a long period without assessments we have decided to schedule some testing weeks for 2021. These will only be held subject to NO further closures

FunGym: Monday 1st – Saturday 6th February 2021

Club Badges, Pre-Teen & Teen: Monday 8th – Saturday 13th March 2021

FunGym (School age – 9 years)

FunGym are classes that focus on teaching good, basic gymnastics and co-ordination for children school age – 9 years. Within these sessions gymnasts will be provided with the foundation for progression into our badge or pre teen sessions with the full emphasis on participation and fun.

Weekly sessions run for 45 minutes and certificates of achievement are presented at the end of each term once FunGym assessments have taken place.

Pre-Teen (9 – 12 years)

This recreational class is a progression from FunGym where those gymnasts that have not transferred into our Club Badge programme can fulfill their potential and continue to learn progressive gymnastics skills in an age appropriate class. This class is also open to new members who wish to try out the sport.

Teen (12 – 16 years)

This class is a progression from our Pre-Teen class and is aimed at keeping teenagers in the sport of gymnastics in a fun enthusiastic environment. This class is also open to new members who wish to try out the sport.

Club Badges/Medal (5+ years)

This skills based programme is unique to the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics with the emphasis on skills progression. A carefully designed programme has been created to work through badges 1-10 in a progressive fun filled environment. Once these levels are complete gymnasts can then progress to Club medals Bronze Silver and Gold.

Weekly sessions run for 90 minutes and a club badge / Medal assessment will take at the end of each term.

The levels are split as follows:

Girls Club Badges 1-4 / 4-7 / 7-10

Boys Club Badges 1-4 / 4-7 / 7-10

Club Medals Co-Ed

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